Speakers at November 2018 conference!

Indu Rupassara, Ph.D.  is the Chief Executive Officer/Director/ Vice-President of Fruit Vaccine, Inc

Dr. Rupassara received her PhD in Metabolomics/Biotechnology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), USA, in 2008. She also received MS degrees from the UIUC and University of Sydney, Australia, in Microbiology and Biochemistry. Her BSc degree is from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. Dr. Rupassara has presented talks in conferences in the USA, Europe, Australia, and Asia, in addition to publicizing her research in journal articles and book-chapters. She has been previously employed as a Researcher, Consultant, Metabolomist/Mass Spectrometrist, Lab Director, and a Lecturer, in the USA, Australia, and Sri Lanka. Dr. Rupassara’s multidisciplinary research expertise includes biotechnology, microbiology, immunology, analytical biochemistry, metabolomics and other ‘omics’ technologies, peptide and protein chemistry, nutritional sciences, and molecular biology using a wide array of biological systems such as humans, animals (mice, rats, dogs, and pigs), plants, and microorganisms.


Tiara Armstrong, MSW, LSW, QMHP

Boys group Home- Medical Liaison

Cunningham Children’s Home

Tiara obtained her undergraduate degree in 2008 with a major in Health Planning and Administration while competing as a member of the Women’s Track team at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. After completion of her B.S, she began working at a non-profit child welfare and educational services agency. As a paraprofessional, she provided care and support at a behavioral school along with services and interventions to children, young adults and their families. During this time Tiara dedicated time outside of teaching as a volunteer coach for the Women’s Track and Field team at the U of I.

In 2014, tiara decided to further her education in the social services field with the goal of becoming a licensed clinical social worker specializing in mental health. Much of the work she does involves working with clients battling mental illness, substance abuse, poverty and many other challenges. The past two years as a licensed social worker, she has worked at a group home for young adult boys providing clients with day to day medical needs ( psychiatric appointments and medications) as well as individual therapy services and crisis intervention.


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